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home_decorYour home is just not a place to live but it equally reflects your aesthetic sense and volume of beautification. Not necessarily every house to be decorated in modern way – on contrary you can greet your guest with simple, traditional, vintage-style or even eclectic style décor. Luckily you don’t need spend a fortune to decor your beautiful home, by implementing just simple ideas you can cheaply decor your home or office.

Décor the home that way you want and live, it exhibits your unique sense by not only using wall colors but also with other elements like furniture and room accessories. Use some lighter color theme to portray more space area. Don’t be surprise if you need to re-decorate your room again after some time – remember there is always room for further enhancement. And good thing is that you can make it by just re-arranging the current elements in room/home. New placement of furniture, wall papers or using some flowers can easily achieve your purpose of cheap home decor without any extra expenditure.


Though you can implement many ideas, following are just few to get you started:-

Rearranging Wall Items and furniture: If you have same items hanging on your wall from decade then why don’t you change them and give a new feel. However, if you are in no mood of cheap home decor and not to buy new items then simply you can exchange the items between different rooms. If you have some little angels (kids) in your home then you can decorate their room with some colorful funky style and children paintings.

Similarly you may try exchanging the furniture items and can empty some space as well.

Flowers: Ah! how can one ignore importance of flowers in home decoration. If you are flower enthusiast then you can use natural and fresh flowers, however if you don’t want to update flowers frequently then you can use artificial flowers as well. User different color flower matching with your room’s theme, you can use variation of different flower stands to support flower branches as well.

Also try to give a balanced and ambiance look utilizing shades/curtains and different flowers. You can easily find indoor plants to serve the purpose. Search well before using indoor plants, you can have choice of money plants (golden pothos), Ferns, Areca Palm etc…

Lighting: Most important aspect of home décor – lighting! A corner placed simple shade lamp can do wonders in plain white room. Try to utilize sun-light in day time effectively and indoor you can create ambiance of brightly lit room, If you are looking for cozy environment then candles, magenta shade lamps can work best.

New Covers: Look for covered items in your home, I’m sure you will find covers on cushions, sofas, bed, dining tables, pillows etc… Why don’t you just change the cover and/or make some contrast of covers among different items. Such as use color combination between pillows and bed sheets such as plain, fabric, lace etc… Additionally you can decorate each room in its different and unique style to create some richness.

Curtains: Don’t forget to change the curtains as well. Because if you just changed the furniture or wall items then matching curtains will look more appropriate. By the way why don’t you try some new style of exotic fabric for an elegant makeover.

Be Artistic: Don’t be shy to show your artistic look by utilizing different color combination, canvas, embellishments and some other items found on any good stationary shop. Not necessarily you need to buy all new stuff, but you can use some existing stuff for cheap home decor such as books, stuff toys, photo frames. Believe me you can create wonder if these things are arranged properly. As example you can use some sepia photo frame with some old photos to give a sober look. And can also use your kids’ photos along with some cutie stuff toys to bring colors in your room.

Flooring: Don’t make any mistake by ignoring the flooring of your room/house. If you are not in mood for complete overhaul to wooden floor then you can simply put some nice rugs, mats to give a totally new look. If you can maintain the carpet then nothing could be better.

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